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A  list of more than 2,000 terms and definitions regularly used in electronic manufacturing services.


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This list of more than 2,000 terms regularly used in electronic manufacturing services is intended to assist individuals in original equipment manufacturing OEM and electronic manufacturing industries. The Ultimate Electronic Manufacturing Dictionary is comprised of manufacturing, engineering, and related technical terms. The scope of this dictionary is broad given the range of raw materials, engineering considerations, manufacturing processes, and the numerous acronyms used to represent electronic manufacturing terms.

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Annular Ring - That portion of conductive material surrounding a hole. The copper pad area that remains after a hole is drilled through the pad, measured from edge of hole to edge of pad.

Backplane - An interconnection device used to provide point-to-point electrical interconnections. It is usually a printed board that has discrete wiring terminals on one side and connector receptacles on the other side. (See also "Mother Board.")

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Circuit Design - Design of circuit logic that allows electronic components to perform a specific function.

Dip Soldering - The making of soldered terminations simultaneously by bringing the solder side of a printed board with through-hole mounted components into contact with the surface of a static pool of molten solder. (See also "Drag Soldering.")

E Glass - A low alkali lime alumina borosilicate glass with good electrical properties.

Flip Chip - A leadless monolithic, circuit element structure that electrically and mechanically interconnects to a base material through the use of conductive bumps.

Gerber File - Data file used to control a photo-plotter. Named after the Gerber Scientific Co., who made the original vector photo-plotter.

Hipot Test - A method in which the unit under test is subjected to a high alternating current (ac) voltage.

IMC - Intermetallic Compound. Metallic compounds that form at the interfaces between different metals, such as copper-tin compounds that form at the interface of a solder joint and a copper lead. IMCs typically have significantly different properties, such as tensile strength.

Junction TemperatureThe temperature of the region of a transition between the p-type and n-type semiconductor material in a transistor or diode element.

Kanban - A scheduling system that advises manufacturers what to produce, when to produce and how much to produce. Devised by Toyota, the approach is based on demand creating a “pull.” Inventory is replenished only when visual cues like an empty bin or cart show that it’s needed. 

Leakage Current - The undesired flow of electrical current over or through an insulator.

Microelectronics - The area of electronic technology with, or applied to, the realization of electronic systems from extremely small electronic elements, devices or parts.

Negative Etchback - Etchback in which the inner conductor layer material is recessed relative to the surrounding base material.

Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technical Terms

The Ultimate Electronic Manufacturing Dictionary


Outgassing - The gaseous emission from a laminate printed board or component when the board or the printed board assembly is exposed to heat or reduced air pressure, or both.

Passivation - The formation of an insulating layer to protect a surface from contaminants, moisture and particulate matter.

Quick-turn prototypingProduction on a quick turnaround basis of a small quantity of products that are used to prove the design.

Resistance Welding - Welding by a combination of pressure and heat generated by passing a high current through two mechanically joined conductors.

Sheet Resistance - The electrical resistance of a planar film of a resistive material with uniform thickness as measured across opposite sides of a unit square pattern, expressed in ohms per square.

Test Point - A special point of access to an electrical circuit that is used for electrical testing purposes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - Immersion cleaning that is done by passing high-frequency sound waves through a cleaning medium to cause micro-agitation.

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2000+ Terms and Definitions


Vendor-managed inventory - Phrase used to describe the process of a supplier managing the inventory levels and purchases of the materials he supplies. 

WEEE Directive - Waste electrical and electronic equipment directive. European Community directive 2002/96/EC where manufacturers are responsible for disposing of electrical and electronic equipment waste.

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