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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) / Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Partnership With MarCum Technologies


MarCum Technologies is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based OEM of advanced ice fishing sonar, video, and GPS electronics. MarCum serves the consumer marketplace with a product offering consisting of 53 active SKU’s including complete electronic devices and numerous accessories supporting them.


MarCum is a high-mix, mid-volume OEM. Their products are ruggedized electronic devices that are specifically intended for ice fishing. Given these characteristics, the ability to plan demand 9 months or more in advance of a season that is entirely weather dependent has obvious challenges. It also requires significant supply chain and production readiness, order-to-fulfillment planning and flexibility, and frequent change management.

MarCum’s history includes the address of many other typical OEM challenges. Examples of these are:

  • Technology innovation and implementation
  • Product development and timing
  • Regulatory requirements
  • People; qualified and experienced
  • Supply chain management and outsourcing
  • Cost management; throughout the organization and their products’ lifecycles
  • Production, fulfillment and warranty support
  • Environmental and economic uncertainties

Within its current history, MarCum has obtained a great team of technology experts driving innovation, securing patents and bringing design cycles to close within required timelines. The organization has combined these successes with both a leading marketing and sales channel, and a full electronic manufacturing services engagement with Versa Electronics. This has proven a winning combination fueling ongoing success for the premier ice fishing electronics manufacturer.


Versa Electronics partnering with MarCum Technologies includes a scope of work supporting every phase of MarCum’s products’ lifecycles (design support, prototyping, production and post-production services), global supply chain management, cost/efficiency planning and management, quality and regulatory compliance obtainment and product fulfillment execution.

From a production perspective, Versa’s contract manufacturing services provide a host of production level activities. These activities are comprised of multiple build levels with intent to maximize volume efficiencies, decrease overall configurable product lead times, address variable demand and upside periods, and allow for complete finished product iterations packaged and ready for shipment. At lower levels, Versa provides MarCum: Mixed technology printed circuit assembly of rigid and rigid-flex circuits; Wire harness and cable assemblies; Potted transducer assemblies; Camera assemblies; Complete product integration, test, burn-in, and packaging; And international shipment to distribution and retail locations.

Fueling this partnership is a high level of communication across both organization’s functional groups. The mutual understanding this provides MarCum and Versa allows each organization to operate according to the most current data available from either team daily. Versa Electronics supply chain management provides MarCum ongoing views into global sourcing options, material and tooling costs, and delivery planning and reporting. In addition, based on MarCum’s forecasting and order visibility provisions, Versa provides efficiency and cost basis data allowing MarCum to establish market pricing and address their channel and consumer expectations and feedback. These facts enable MarCum Technology to achieve the cost control, design feedback and manufacturing innovation to manage their many devices within their respective lifecycle stage.


MarCum Technologies success as the premier provider of ice fishing electronics is a high-level result of their partnership with Versa Electronics manufacturing services. Supporting this success, MarCum also realizes the following results from Versa:

  • Average prototyping turn times of 2 weeks
  • Average production cycle times of 4-6 weeks
  • Delivered product quality yields averaging 98%
  • Average annual cost and efficiencies budget attainment of +/- 2.5%

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