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Electronics Manufacturing Inspection, Testing & Calibration

Versa Electronics Manufacturing provides a flexible combination of inspection, test and calibration services delivering reliable defect-free results to your product quality. Versa’s procedures dictate inspection points and methods throughout your product’s process flow. Our OEM’s design, product lifecycle and volumes inform the applicable PCB testing strategies. Calibration services are executed according to the nature of the assembly and its technology. The outcomes our OEM clients realize are high quality products resulting from versatile, cost effective production processes.

EMS Inspection Points & Test Strategy

Versa Electronics Manufacturing Services follows IPC standards, and customer requirements, when providing inspection services during your build. Inspection points are outlined in our process flow and performed by both automated and manual means. Our rigorous inspection execution ensures your assembly has the correct components, correct placement and orientation, security and tightness of parts (solder joints) and hardware, and that any customer specified requirements are met.

OEM products test strategies are based on several criteria and should be considered in the design planning stage. These criteria include the OEM’s market served, regulatory requirements and the subject product’s business case (target market cost, volume, life expectancy and lifecycle stage). Once defined, engineering should observe “design for test” inclusions in the product’s applicable assembly levels.

Initial consideration of the OEM’s market(s) served, and related regulatory requirements may dictate the type and extent of testing required. For example, medical devices, aerospace, and defense-related products have the most stringent requirements. In these cases, the test methods provided during contract manufacturing would be further defined by the level of the device being assembled.

Following industry and regulatory considerations, the project’s business case will further direct test deployment. Some of the related product or assembly questions OEM’s should review are: What is the end use environment? What is the target cost per unit? What volumes are going to be produced and at what stage in its life expectancy do they apply? Is the design stable or subject to revisions? With these criteria identified, test service options become clearer.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
Bench Testing
Burn-In Test
Environmental Stress Screening
Flying Probe
Functional Test
In Circuit Test (ICT)
JTAG Boundary Scan
Mechanical Test


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